A new look for the blog

You’ll have noticed a few changes, so here are a few words of explanation. I’ve been wanting to freshen the blog up for a while, and the Enterprise theme I’ve now switched to from Vigilance provides a simpler look plus some much needed organisation.

The top menu now makes it easy to access the various things I write about through a single click. So media folk bored senseless by the Spurs rambling can go straight to the media posts, and vice versa. This blog is, somewhat inevitably, a mixture of the personal and the professional, so hopefully offering some channels that take a more direct route to the various parts of what I put on here will prove effective.

In general, the font styles and general styling are more subtle and stripped back than the old theme – particularly the headlines. I’ve replaced the customised Twitter and Linked In buttons with some standard buttons which fit in better with the new look, and the colours are chosen to tie in with the colours on my website. And because I’ve got a bit of an orange thing going on at the moment.

All other links are arranged down the right hand side. I’m a big fan of footers, of which there are three provided with this theme, but I’m not convinced that on a blog many people will scroll right down to the bottom, so placing stuff there would lose it. I might change my mind if the sidebar risks getting cluttered or I can find an acceptable and effective way to direct people to the foot of the page.

So, that’s the new look explained. Enjoy.

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