An engaged media union in action

An excellent initiative by the National Union of Journalists’ Training department saw the union’s annual delegate meeting covered live and in-depth by a group of journalism students, including some from the London College of Communication, where I teach part-time. The site is staying up as a record of the event, and it shows the best of a union that is prepared to work in an open, engaged and inclusive way.

My old friend and NUJ colleague Chris Wheal co-ordinated the event, some feat alongside his role as a branch delegate, backed by the union’s dedicated and innovative training department. A team of student members, at the conference as guests of the union, produced the site and got to see their union at work, as well as the chance to mix with delegates and make contacts. The project was edited by two recently-graduated students who are now full members, with Chris acting as editor-in-chief. The site’s list of aims, objectives and policies is well worth a look at as a model of good practice.

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