Book course rides again

My one-day course, How to pitch and market a book, is running again on Tuesday 27 October at The Frontline Club in Paddington, London. Full details and a booking form can be found via the link at Some feedback on the last session I did can be found on my own website.

Twelve-hour days, a whopping attack of hay fever and subsequent sleepless nights haven’t done much for productivity on this blog, with all efforts focussed on getting Vision Sports Publishing‘s autumn catalogue of books to press. The Pocket Book series of club football books is almost there, the book of football records has gone, and I’m having a very enjoyable time working on the manuscripts of Andy Mitten’s book on the Manchester United players of the early 1990s and Big Chiv, the book Martin Chivers has written about his life, with Paolo Hewitt. All of which puts me in a good position to contribute reviews if any section editors are reading!

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