Building college courses, gathering work, and a little bit of vanity

Just a quick progress report this, as I’m busy preparing two units for the London College of Communication’s Foundation Journalism course.

The first is a basic production convergence course for the first year, which I’ve reorganised to give clearer teaching blocks in the various disciplines and some more general grounding, especially in content management systems. I’ve also been asked to take on the running of the second year convergence workshops, which are very rewarding to do, and which also gives a very welcome opportunity to see the first years I taught last year again.

I’ll also be teaching again on the BA Sports third year, delivering a series of sessions in contextual studies alongside Denis Campbell, Jonathan Wilson and Pete May.

It’s a lot of preparatory work, and I’m also fitting in working up a proposal for a new book, and a marketing strategy for my new book The Pocket Book of Spurs. This Thursday I go to Sutton to speak to Martin Couzins and Karl Schneider about how Reed is handling changing technology for a feature I’m writing, and I’m waiting to hear back on a couple of feature pitches too. All that said, I’m still open to any offers.

You’ll have noticed a couple of tweaks to this blog. A new photo replaces the looming gargoyle that greeted you before, the banner colour is warmer, and I’ve removed the text as it seemed superfluous. And I’ve added an image of my website to the My Website page. Not exactly a major redesign, but I’m happier with it all now.

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