Danny Blanchflower ebook launches Sports Shots series

Updated: May 10

It’s the first self-published ebook in a series called Sports Shots which, together with my long-time co-author Adam Powley, I’ll be writing over the coming months to provide some stimulating but digestible reads for all Spurs-loving e-bookers.

And we’re not ruling out the possibility of casting our net wider either if this goes well. Not as long as a book, but longer than a magazine or newspaper article, we’re hoping these will prove popular reads whether you’re on the move or cuddling up with your Kindle.

Sports Shots are priced at a very accessible £2.99 and this title can be purchased by clicking this link.

At the moment titles are available only for Kindle and via Kindle reader on compatible devices. If this takes off, we’ll be looking at rolling the titles out on other platforms.


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