Exclusive interview on Britain and the Olympics

Updated: May 10

There are some thought-provoking ideas on the benefits next year’s London Olympics are bringing to the Uk in an exclusive interview with Olympics expert Matt Rogan due to be published tomorrow on the AOL Money website. I contacted Matt in the wake of the latest developments in the Olympic Stadium saga and he provided some very interesting perspectives.

I had a feeling he would do, as I spent much of last summer editing a book he’d written, along with his father Martin, on Britain and the Olympics. In a previous post I described it as “essential reading” and I stick by that. Matt ventured some stimulating thoughts on what could be next for the Olympic Stadium, and went on to challenge the view that the Games will bring little benefit to the UK.

Our conversation goes live tomorrow at 10am on AOL Money, and runs over the next two days. Don’t miss it.

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