Farewell Chas 'n' Dave – thanks for bending my ear'oles too

A very sad day yestoday as Chas ‘n’ Dave announced it was the end of the road for them. For too long seen as a novelty act, they were great musicians who’d played with many of the legends of the business over the years. In and out of fashion as far as the media were concerned, they consistently pulled in the punters – as my mate Jeff at The 100 Club will testify. The duo’s Seaside Summer Knees-Up was always packed out.

Numbers like The Sideboard Song displayed a lyrical and musical dexterity and a keen eye for ordinary life – this was folk music at its best as well as bloody good rock ‘n’ roll. And of course, as a Spurs fan I can’t neglect mention of the many gems they recorded for the club. Adam Powley and I paid tribute to them in our Spurs Miscellany by listing some classic lines – my favourite is “Richard Gough and Chrissy Waddle, Gary Mabbutt and Glenn Hoddle, And Danny all the goals are gonna be for you” from 1987’s Hot Shot Tottenham. But the all-time classic was Ossie’s Dream – which I’d argue in an unashamedly biased manner is still the best football record ever. Others may have been better pieces of music, but this worked as a pop song and a terrace anthem, and it’s still sung today.

It’s very sad that Dave Peacock has been so affected by the death of his wife Sue that he’s felt compelled to quit the business, but it also puts much into perspective. Thanks for the memories, fellas.

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