First thoughts on #newsrw

Just back home from a great day at news rewired at City University. Much to mull over, and I notice a heated debate has already broken out – which I made a short contribution to on the train home. (It was still awaiting moderation as I write this).

More to come in the next few days, and again after I have the chance to mull over both this event and the NUJ’s New Ways to Make Journalism Pay conference on Saturday. But I wanted to put some brief initial thoughts down, as part of the process of seeing how this very thoughtful and practical start to the year pans out.

Thought 1: How much pleasure was expressed in turning virtual into physical encounters. I certainly enjoyed meeting people I’ve only encountered via blog, email or Tweet.

Thought 2: (And there will be arguments about this, but it’s what has made most impression at the moment). I picked up an assertion of confidence in journalism as a trade or skillset alongside an awareness of how new tools can enhance that traditional process to create a better media. I loved The Telegraph‘s Greg Hadfield’s closing comments.

More to come, as it’s late, I have to teach tomorrow, and there is much to ruminate upon. All of which makes it sound as if I am about to decant a rare Scotch from the crystal decanter and settle down in a leather armchair with a cigar, but it actually means I’m off to bed in order to get up early enough to gather my teaching material and make the kids’ packed lunch.

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