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I’ve let my regular contributions to Spurs fansite TopSpurs drift a bit – a combination of the volume of work and not really having much more to add to what the other writers have observed about the club’s underwhelming end to the season. I try to spare the n0n-Spurs among you the benefit of my ‘wisdom’ on matters Lilywhite-related, but just to keep things ticking over I thought I’d mention that I’ve posted again – this time on the world-shatteringly important subject of the club’s new shirts. Just a bit of fun.

On a more serious note, I was glad to see FleetStreetBlues pick up on a point which has long been a source of irritation to fans, fanzine and fansite editors, and more established media – the fact that the football authorities – via Football DataCo – insist on charging a hefty fee for the privilege of printing fixture lists. As Football DataCo have proved willing to use the law against even the smallest of fan publishing operations to enforce their monopoly, no one has sought to establish legal precedent over whether, firstly, facts can be owned in this case and, secondly, whether an organisation can charge another for advertising its own product. The implications go far beyond football.

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