Gearing up for news rewired 3 #newsrw

Just one more day to go until the third news rewired event, organised by This one’s at Microsoft’s HQ in London’s Victoria, and if it’s anything like the first one (I couldn’t make the second)  it’ll be a stimulating and fun day.

There looks to be another great selection of speakers, and I’m already exchanging information with old friends and new contacts, fixing to meet or at least catch up during the day – and I daresay debrief over a few drinks after the event wraps up.

There’s a great community built up around these events and it’s expanding all the time, helping to give jco its deserved reputation as a key driver of debate and innovation in the communications business. I’m going to be going the following sessions;

  1. Business models beyond the paywall.

  2. Branding and entrpreneurialism.

  3. The digital production desk.

And the final session on ‘Are we ready to play the journalism game? looks fascinating.

To make sure I participate fully and get the most out of it I am not taking my laptop. I did to the first one and shut down after an hour as I found I was spending my time following what I wasn’t at rather than taking in what I was at. But I’ll have my iPhone (let’s hope there are plenty of available power points) and may be doing the occasional Tweet. If you’re going, see you there. If you’re not, I hope to get some thoughts up on here.

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