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Updated: May 10, 2020

Undervalued as a player, mistakenly rejected as a manager – that’s the assessment of Glenn Hoddle from my writing partner Adam Powley in the second in our series of Spurs Shots ebooks. You can read a taster of Adam’s thoughts in his blog post, The Man Who Should Have Been England’s King. As with the first book in the series, this tells the story of the player’s career in a format that’s shorter than a book but longer than a magazine article. It’s not just another pen portrait, there’s plenty of original observation and assessment that should give you plenty to think about. And it’s only £2.99.

We’ve had some very positive feedback on the first book in the series, Danny Blanchflower, from readers and some good, positive coverage on some of the Spurs blogs. One particularly pleasing comment came from Ross Blanchflower – yes, that’s Danny’s grandson. He got in touch to say  he found the book “well-written with some interesting perspectives that I’m not sure many people will have considered”. That was a great fillip for someone from the great man’s family to deliver, and we’re now in regular touch.

Adam and I hope readers will enjoy the Hoddle title – we’ve covered two of the game’s greats who, we believe, still give everyone plenty to think about when considering the modern game. We’ll see how well these two go down, but we do have more ideas in the pipeline. so if the demand is there, we’ve got the supply. What that means is ‘get out there and buy the book’. The easiest way is to click on the cover of whichever format you want in the sidebar, top right of this blog.

The Hoddle book is available now from Amazon to download on Kindle or any device with a Kindle reader. If you’re an Apple person, you will need to have the free Kindle App installed on your iPhone to read the book. Once you’ve downloaded the book from the Kindle store via your browser, it syncs to the Kindle App and will be available to read next time you launch the App. You can also download Kindle for Mac for free. This will enable you to read books downloaded from Kindle on a desktop or laptop computer. The book will sync between devices, meaning you can continue reading on one device where you finished on another.

The Blanchflower book is available via the same route, and is also available in epub format from Lulu Marketplace. This means it can be read on

  1. iPhones

  2. iPads

  3. Blackberry devices

  4. Palm devices

  5. Sony PRS devices

  6. Nooks

The epub format can also be read via Adobe Digital Editions, a free download which can also be launched from the book page in Lulu Marketplace. We’re hoping to get the Hoddle title through the same process in the next few weeks.

Our acclaimed book on the 1980s Spurs team, The Boys from White Hart Lane, is also now available in ebook format direct from Vision Sports Publishing, and you can click through direct by once again going to the top right sidebar on this blog.

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