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My silence lately is because I’ve been hard at work preparing a number of new courses. The first can be booked by clicking the rather colourful link on the right of this page. The course title may sound rather overblown, so a few words are in order to clarify.

The idea is to offer a one-day course giving basic advice on how to maximise your chances of finding a first job, or a new job. It will be plain to understand and it will cover how to navigate through the jargon and confusion of the new media world as well as providing more basic issues such as how to present yourself in person, in writing and online.

Details, and a booking form, can be found by clicking the link on the right or in the body of this text. But as a taster, areas covered include

  1. making the most of your core skills, identifying your subsidiary skills;

  2. building your CV;

  3. presenting yourself in person;

  4. creating an online presence;

  5. social media – making it work for you;

  6. networking – how to do it and why it is important;

  7. industry trends – how to stay ahead;

  8. what makes journalism different;

  9. how to use your skills elsewhere.

The course is in Euston, London and is run through the good people at At £99, it shouldn’t put too much strain on the budget, either.

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