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Updated: May 10, 2020

Happy New Year. I thought I’d get a first post of the year up with a taste of what I’ve got planned for the coming months. Adam Powley and I are finishing work on an update of one of our earlier books. It’s going to be available in ebook only format, hopefully very soon. I’m also working on a new Spurs-related idea, this time a grass roots fan project, which I’m aiming to put up as one of the Spurs Shots ebooks series (details of the titles available so far in the column to your right). That one might take a little longer, a few months. And I’ve made a tentative first few steps with what’s a potentially exciting project based on the wider world of sport, more details when I can.

I’m always interested to hear about new ideas and projects. I’ve enjoyed working with a variety of sports people over the last few years, so anything which tells a sporting story or – better still – helps to promote involvement in sport is of interest. And while I’ll never tire of writing and talking about Spurs, there’s a bigger playing field out there.

Now for the plug section. It was great to see so many Tweets from people saying how much they enjoyed getting The Glory Glory Nights for Christmas. That, the latest Spurs Miscellany and other books by Adam and I are available at the website of Vision Sports Publishing or in all good bookshops, plus if you haven’t read our ebooks, they are just one click away to the right of this very post.

That’s all just for starters – another year beckons with many challenges and no doubt some new ground to explore. I can’t wait.

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