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Updated: May 10, 2020

Jeremy Leslie made a great contribution to the publishing futures debate at Expo, arguing that we should ask why we want to do something rather than what we want to do it on. It’s the kind of thing really good designers are always aware of – the relationship between form and use and the knowledge that what works is key to good design.

He also provided a refreshing take on the ‘decline’ of magazines, reminding delegates that decline had not yet taken us below pre-boom levels. And his comment about his teenage son Facebooking and watching TV at the same time countered the accepted wisdom about social media eating into consumption of traditional media.

His site Magculture has much more where that came from – questions, challenges and the ability to constantly question in a constructive manner. And, let’s not forget, it champions good design, something which has been long undervalued and which the digital age seems not to be getting to grips with. Highly recommended.

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