Media skills and the missing link

There’s an interesting thread on which asks ‘Which traditional skills are we ignoring?’ in the midst of the current techno-frenzy. The first reply makes some very interesting points, and it’s worth bookmarking the thread to see how things develop. 

I’ve posted a few observations, and republished them below.

1) Spelling and grammar are still important, and these skills need nurturing. 2) We need to pay more attention to the art of expressing ideas clearly. 3) Many students are bewildered and scared about the sheer number of skills and platforms they seem to be required to develop expertise in. So we need to think carefully about specialisation in an age of mass access to sophisticated technology. 4) What journalists do is tell stories. Everything else is a means to this end. 5) There’s a tendency to overcomplicate when self-appointed experts talk about one or other aspect of ‘new media’. If anything distinguishes a younger user of social media and/or newer technology from an older one it is that younger users tend to have a more unfussy and utilitarian approach.



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