Noam Chomsky at SOAS

An unprecedentedly large crowd flocked to see Noam Chomsky speak at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies last week, and I’m happy to draw even more attention to a fascinating and important event. There’s a video of the full 135 minutes at the link, so give yourself time to enjoy what should be a fascinating session – my Tuesday night is now set up.

As Judith Townend observed on yesterday, “The interest surrounding his appearance, makes the media’s lack of coverage (just check Google News) all the more baffling – or perhaps not, after listening to the detail of Chomsky’s argument.” For all the discussion we are having about the development of the media, it seems much of it still has difficulty understanding and reporting all but the most basic issues.

In a wide-ranging address, Chomsky apparently asks questions such as why the banking crisis is portrayed as more alarming than global poverty, and spends some time discussing the media. the internet and the prospects for independent journalism. I quite liked his observation about the tendency to set up straw men when debating the benefits or  otherwise of the internet.

More to come once I’ve watched the full discussion tonight, no doubt. For now, share the link, digest, enjoy and then create your own media.



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