NUJ New Ways to Make Journalism Pay event

I was going to try to post something on this rather excellent NUJ event, held on Saturday, but while researching an article on this and the equally useful and stimulating news rewired shindig last week I came across Ian Wylie’s detailed round-up of the day. I heartily recommend it to anyone remotely interested in the media, and I also tip my hat to Ian for preserving my sanity.

To tell the truth, after two days of media conference brainstorm network debate action, sandwiched around a full day of teaching at LCC  and in advance of a full week of shifts at several different clients – oh, and an early start for the under-9s football on Sunday morning – my head is spinning. I sat late into Sunday evening trying to do a first draft of my feature, but rapidly reached the conclusion I need more time to mull it all over. I also worried about finding time to post on the NUJ event, make some long overdue changes to this blog, organise my teaching notes for next week, prepare for a meeting with my publisher, and get my head into gear for a new client on Monday morning. That is the nature of freelance life, I guess.

So, thanks to Ian Wylie for providing a great example of what an individual journalist can do with modern technology and some nous, for easing the pressure on my brain just a little, and for prompting me to bookmark a blog that looks like a very entertaining read. And thanks to the ever-marvellous Sarah Hartley for posting the link in the first place.

Is directing readers to other people’s stuff cheating? No. This is how media works now – link, credit, share. Why replicate when you can innovate? My contribution will come, and I am not passing off anyone’s contribution as my own.

What I aim to do now is drink just one glass of the eight-year-old single malt I got for Christmas, watch some rubbish TV, talk to my wife and get an early night in. A very busy week ahead means it’ll almost certainly be quiet on this blog for a few days, but I’ll leave you with a first impression that is forming from the gazillions of thoughts spinning around in my brain at the moment. It is just possible that we are at the start of the development of a far better media than we have ever had. The innovation, enthusiasm, co-operation and sheer friendliness I’ve experienced over the last few days have been quite extraordinary.

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