One Minute in May

A new initiative aimed at reducing violent youth crime launched at Crystal Palace Football Club’s final game on 3 May, with the clip above played before kick-off. The One Minute in May campaign aims to use football and film to put across an anti-knife and gun-crime message, and was set-up by Tracey Cumberpatch, the mother of promising QPR teenager Kiyan Prince, who was stabbed to death in 2006. 

The campaign aims to get every Premiership and Championship club to stage a one-minute event before the final home game of next season, the culmination of a year’s work to promote the anti-guns and knives message and to remember those who have been killed. The campaign is backed by, among others, the families of Jimmy Mizen and Peter Woodham, and has the backing of Les Ferdinand and Bryan Robson, as well as a host of other organisations. 

I’ll be one of a group of people helping the campaign over the next year, using contacts to raise the campaign’s profile and contributing editorial skills where they are needed. Anyone reading this who can help, contact the campaign director Wayne Campbell at

Less is more

Blogging’s taken a back seat over the last week as teaching at LCC, editing at Vision Sports Publishing and finishing my latest book are taking up lots of time. Some would say I should worry, but I’m with Brighton University’s Tara Brabazon when she says “I’m a bit busy living my life, rather than narrativizing my life.” That isn’t intended as a put-down of blogs or blogging, simply an attempt to put the act and use value of blogging into a perspective that often seems forgotten. In this case, less really has been more.

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My one-day course on pitching, writing and publishing books on 22 June still has places available. It’s part of the programme offered by, and details can be found by clicking this link. You’ll also be able to book via that page. Places are limited to eight delegates, which I hope will ensure some in-depth discussion of individual’s projects as well as providing some general hints and tips.

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