Philosophy Football marks The Double

Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman says: “Bobby Smith was top scorer in the double season with 28 goals. Up until 1961 the maximum wage meant Bobby and his team mates could only earn up to £20 a week,. As Bobby’s quote brilliantly puts it the squad that brought Spurs its greatest-ever season played for glory, not like the so-called stars of today who play for their enormous wage packets.”

To celebrate the 5oth anniversary of The Double, the company is offering a double treat, with the original Danny Blanchflower t-shirt re-issued and redesigned and available for the same discounted price up until Tuesday. My Danny obsession led me to buy the original many years ago when PF first started and it’s still a wardrobe staple – albeit one with a slightly wonky logo after so may washes. It’s worth taking a look at the rest of PF’s catalogue and generally keeping up with what the company is doing. Mark is a top bloke who has been involved in many supporter initiatives at club and country level and much of what PF makes is ploughed back into events connected with the game.

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