Satire, and punk, not dead

I was going to maintain a low profile over the Easter break, but I just came across a very-sharply observed post headlined How to Become a “Death of Newspapers” Blogger which I wanted to share. Very good. 

Of course, by posting this I could be accused of brazenly attempting to drive up my blog traffic by linking to a controversial viewpoint which will annoy the very “death of newspapers” bloggers who are the butt of the joke, and who coincidentally happen to post a lot in discussion threads such as this. It’s all a bit like a classic noir out there in the media blogosphere, machinations within machinations 😉

Just in case I’m lucky enough to be deluged with angry new media evangelists anxious to tell me exactly what kind of dinosaur I am, I should point out that I think some very valid points are being made by many people – even the ones I don’t agree with. We all need to convince everyone how uniquely expert we are for basic economic reasons, but I just think we need to get over ourselves a bit sometimes.

On an entirely different note, I’ve added a new link to my blogroll. It’s the site of the excellent Cathi Unsworth, whose new novel is due out later this year, and who is reading her latest short story at Dick Bradsell’s new bar in Soho’s Romilly Street on the evening of 20th April. She’s also featured in the Punk Fiction anthology, £1 from every copy of which goes to the Teeange Cancer Trust.

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