Spurs in Milan again – it must be love

Updated: May 10, 2020

It’s nice to be able to post something about the game of football and not the business, so I didn’t want to miss the chance to post after this week’s fantastic trip to Milan, the second in a season. It was a turning point for the club, and another great time was had in a great city.

Compared to last time the weather was poor, but nothing could rain on our parade. A smaller group of us than last time visited some of the haunts from October and received a magnificent welcome from the city’s friendly people. The fact that our hotel and the bar we visited before the game were run by Internazionale fans may have influenced the warmth of our welcome.

The game itself, despite being viewed from miles up in the top of the San Siro again, was a joy to watch. A mature and controlled performance from Spurs that ranks up there with the greatest performances in our history. And all with some of our best players out injured. Peter Crouch surely convinced the doubters of his value in these games, but there wasn’t a player you could fault.

Our vantage point did not afford us full site of the outrageous behaviour of some of AC Milan’s players – that only became clear when we watched the game again in the bar afterwards – but we did see a bit of an altercation at the end. I was then phoned by Radio Five Live while on a bus packed with celebrating Spurs fans outside the SanSiro, and some of you may have heard me being interviewed. I’d first heard what had happened from the Five Live producer, who spent about five minutes on the phone with me talking about the game beforehand and, unless I’m very much mistaken, was a pretty happy Spur herself.

The team have still got a lot to do in the home leg, but while we need to approach it professionally, we need surely fear no foe. This side is now ranking up there as the best I’ve watched regularly, alongside the great early 80s team of Hoddle, Perryman and Ardiles. What an excellent season it has been already – and as someone said, it’s possible we may be back in Milan for a third time this season. Let’s not get ahead our ourselves, but what a pity it would be if this fantastic adventure didn’t have distance left to run.

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