The flaw in the Evening Standard's plan

I finished work tonight on Ludgate Hill, and walked my usual route back to London Bridge, over the wobbly bridge and along the south bank and into the mainline station. At not one point did I see a free Evening Standard being given out. The Standard‘s sales points were locked and lonely. At London Bridge station itself, there was not a single copy to be seen on the approach from Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral, on the station forecourt, or the station concourse.

My wife had a different experience at Camden Town, where evidently a blunt instrument was needed to bludgeon through the massed ranks of Standard giver-outers.

I know it’s early days, but I’ll offer some advice freely – and if Alexander and Geordie want to show their appreciation once things pan out, that’ll be very nice.

• Increasing circulation to 600,000 is not much use if the punters can’t get hold of a copy.

• It is a good idea not to concentrate many sellers on one place while leaving many places unattended.

• At mainline train stations in rush hour, there’s a good chance that there will be a large number of people passing through. It would be worth covering each one, if possible at more than one approach point.

That’s all.

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