The Kryten report

I’ve been enjoying Robert Llewellyn’s snappily-monikered Llewtube site after reading a feature about it in the latest MacUser. Llewellyn hosted Scrapheap Challenge and, most famously, played Kryten in Red Dwarf. His latest venture is an online chat show, CarPool, and as well as being fun – the excellent David Mitchell’s demolition of the absurdities of privatised utilities made my morning – it’s a neat example of what can be done relatively easily with current technology.

CarPool is a chat show, but not in the traditional sense. The studio is Llewellyn’s car, a Toyota Prius, and guests re interviewed while being driven around. It works. MacUser describes the production kit – “two Sony HXR-MC1 cameras and one Canon HG10 – it’s recorded in AVCHD format and transferred onto a 24in iMac using iMovie. It’s edited using Final Cut Pro and compressed using Quicktime.” The show is available through the iTunes store and the Llewtube site.

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