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If you’re wondering why I’ve selected the links on the right of this blog, a few words of explanation may help. The Media section features a few sites I read regularly to keep up with industry issues, and because I like the way they look at the media. You’ll find much of it is about subbing and production, and as I build the list I’m hoping the parts come together to provide a whole picture of where the industry is going. There’s a design flavour here too, as I’ve never been one for that old “writers v designers” nonsense. That said, I’m not a designer – as my wife, who is one, will verify.

The People section links to people I like, maybe because they’ve inspired me, because I like their take on life, or just because I enjoy reading them and wanted to share. Sport is a very tight edit of the plethora of sites on the subject featuring material that is too good to be left tucked away in the far corners of the blogosphere. And to avoid charges of immodesty, I should ‘fess up to the fact that I do a regular column on TopSpurs. Enjoy.


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