Training: It’s an investment, not a cost

I couldn’t agree more with the view David Worsfield of Incisive Media expresses in his article on about journalism training. It’s something I’ve argued for a long time.

Worsfield is right to castigate employers for seeing training as a cost rather than an investment, but that attitude is also tied up with the insistence that university courses must all lead directly to jobs. It’s popular to dismiss the ‘education for its own sake’ view as airy-fairy and – especially in these austere times – impractical. But failing to understand the difference between education and training leads to precisely the situation Worsfield outlines in which few benefit from what’s on offer in university courses.

There’s room for hope though, if more companies do what Incisive have done and start to invest in training. But this needs to happen on a much larger scale. That’s one of the reasons I think the NUJ Training department is such a success story and needs to be expanded.

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