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Updated: May 10

I spent a very entertaining hour or so with the South London Hardcore crew this evening, recording an episode we’ve been talking about for a while on crossing the river. The idea came from the fact that I’ve done that thing that’s frowned on, and moved from north of the River Thames, where I was born and lived for 35 years, to the south, while staying in the same city.

I should add hastily, before I destroy the SLHC listening base, that the podcast isn’t about me, but about identity and community, about what exists between the lines and behind the scenes in London, and how our city works in subtle, subcultural, unofficial and unorganised ways. There’s a fair bit of ground covered, and almost inevitably some football talk encompassing Spurs and Dulwich Hamlet, with Millwall getting a good mention too. And there’s a bit of politics.

The episode should be up in the next few days. If you’ve not had the pleasure of SLHC, I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and head to their website, where you’ll find every episode.

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