Value of Journalism event

This event is a very welcome development, especially as it comes from the teams behind the excellent Not On The Wires project and the BBC’s College of Journalism. Amid all the debate about technology and changing markets, the rather key – in my opinion – questions of what we mean by journalism, what there is of value that we should retain and what is no longer as important as it was have not received sufficient attention. Click on the image to get the full details.

There is a view that the very concept of a particular definition of journalism is elitist, something turned to by people desperate to stop other people intruding on their patch. I don’t think that’s true, but I know we do need to look again at the theories accumulated over years of practice and assess them. I’d say there is still a role for something specific called journalism in the much broader and more open communications landscape we now inhabit. I’m conscious I need to define that a little bit more, so I’m currently cooking up something with Freelance Unbound to address this. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, I need to deal with the more pressing problem of how to find time away from all the (very welcome) work I’m doing to get to this discussion about work.

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