Walking on sunshine

I’m back at my home desk with the very unusual sight of sunshine bathing the street as I look out of my window. Please let this be the end of the awful, cold, miserable, wet weather. This morning I felt terrible when I woke up, I think I’ve picked up the bug that’s been working its way through my household. But I’ve still managed to get the early market round-up on Daily Finance and post something on The Media Blog that I’ve been planning for a while.

Yesterday I was at Spurs to see a first-half performance as good as any I’ve seen. Our group of five in the upper Park Lane stand had been debating for a while whether Modric and Krancjar would well work together given each player’s tendency to roam rather than hold a position. We got our answer yesterday, with the movement of the two Croations and Roman Pavlyuchenko bewildering a decent Everton side. We had the usual nerve-jangling finish, with those of us who witnessed the team throw away a tw0-goal lead at Goodison Park particularly nervous. But a win puts us back into fourth place, and sets me up nicely for a week researching my latest Spurs book.

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