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Some infrequent posting lately because I’ve had my head down finishing a few projects off. What I’m up to currently includes;

• Continuing my editing stint at Vision Sports Publishing and admiring their new book on Centre Court.

• Finishing marking for the London College of Communications unit in Production Convergence I’ve helped teach, and pitching a new and improved version for next year.

• Finalising the one-day course I’m running at the Frontline Club for journalism.co.uk in ‘How to pitch, write and market a book‘. (Limited places still available, hurry hurry).

• Finding the Harvard study of Twitter usage very interesting. I find Twitter very useful for leads and tips, and even a bit of fun, but this is good perspective.

• Finding my efforts to organise a night out to see Awaydays thwarted by limited release schedule. 

• Preparing to dive into the new version of Safari and still holding out hope that the iPhone upgrade means the phone can be used as a laptop modem. O2 say this will be happening after the software upgrade is released, but I’m aware that previous applications which have enabled this to happen have been withdrawn or are now unsupported. It seems an obvious improvement to make, a very useful one, and one which would make it even more difficult to move away from iPhone. Fingers crossed.

• Experiencing some frustration that, because I spend much of the day subbing or writing, and much of the rest of my time dealing with two small children, I listen to less music than I have ever done in my life. That, I am sure, is of limited interest to you – but already I feel less frustrated as a result of unburdening myself.

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