Where the hell's he been?

That’s what the massed ranks of readers would be asking if, indeed, there were any ranks to mass. Sunday was entirely taken up by the League Cup final at Wembley. Spurs gave a better than expected performance but still lost due to an innate inability to hit the target from 12 yards out. The bloke behind me – that great staple of the football crowd – was there with his dad and asked: “Dad, do you think I’ll ever see Spurs win a penalty shoot-out?” We’ll be back on Wednesday night for the relegation clash with Middlesboro – managed by nice Gareth Southgate, but surely one of the dullest teams ever. There, I’ve jinxed us now. If we go down it’ll be all my fault.

Monday was a college day, working with the sports desk on the live project at LCC, with an evening at the Marx Library to launch the Printers’ Collection – archives from the print unions and guilds of Britain and Ireland.

Today, as you may have noticed, I’m tinkering with this site as I get more familiar with WordPress, and with raising my visibility via RSS feeds and social bookmarking. I took a break to post when I realised that a well-connected but sparsely-populated site was not ideal. I’m starting to wonder if I should maintain separate personal and professional blogs, particularly after the recent debate on The Guardian’s blogs. Is it possible, or desirable, to categorise myself as different entities? I’m mulling it over, but planning a post when I’ve thought stuff through.

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