Working on The Michael Jackson Opus

It’s not often I work on a book that’s advertised to 30 million people, so I’m going to indulge a little here. Last week, the Today show in America featured an extended look at The Michael Jackson Opus, which I helped edit over the summer. In the clip, Jeff Wald, who ran the project from LA, talks about the Opus and about Michael, demonstrating the extraordinary depth of contact the Opus project was given.

As the only book officially licenced by the family, the Opus was a celebration of Michael Jackson’s life and work. It was quite a project to work on, with many original pictures and insights, and it certainly gave me a fresh perspective on Jackson’s life and work.

What’s also good about this is that it provides a chance, along with the video above, to show a little of just what an Opus is. I’ve now worked on a number of them for Kraken Opus, including tomes on Celtic, Ferrari and the Burj Tower, plus I was Editorial Consultant on The Tottenham Hotspur Opus. The price puts them out of reach of many, which is a great shame as the material inside is of the highest quality. For now, enjoy a glimpse of the Jackson Opus.

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