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We are Tottenham

(Mainstream 2004/Cloake & Powley 2013)

In-depth interviews with a selection of Tottenham Hotspur fans about their support for the football club, woven together with the story of a dramatic season. I pitched the original idea to co-author Adam Powley, who I’d worked with on football fans’ website From The Terrace, and we took the idea to several publishers before Mainstream commissioned the book.

We Are Tottenham topped The Independent newspaper’s Sports Books chart, and was reviewed positively in The Sunday Times and Time Out. The great football writer Hunter Davies wrote the foreword, commenting that “this is the kind of book every football club should have”.


Publicity for the book included being interviewed live by Danny Kelly on BBC Radio London, and taking part in a public reading with Spurs legend Dave Mackay at one of writer Paolo Hewitt’s regular London events.

The updated 2013 edition, with a new introduction by Adam and I and a new chapter catching up with many of the fans featured in the first edition, is now available in print and ebook editions.

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