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Still Dreaming
(Hawksmoor Publishing 2023)

This is the story of a season in the life of one of the Premier League’s biggest clubs. But Tottenham Hotspur hold a unique position in that group, having won just two League Cups since the Premier League was formed and the modern football boom began.

Authors Alex Fynn and Martin Cloake follow the team through the 2022/23 season, another in which promise came to nothing, and ask why it is that Spurs continually fail to take full advantage of opportunities presented by the modern game. A game the club helped create.

Along the way in a season in which the fortunes of some of football’s biggest names – including Antonio Conte and Harry Kane – would prove pivotal, they place the club’s story in the context of the development of the world’s most successful sporting league, drawing on the views of some of the key figures in the tale.

An essential read for Spurs fans, this is also a look at what success means in today’s global game, and what it takes to achieve it. It is a hard-hitting but balanced analysis of the way Tottenham Hotspur has been run for the last 20 years, written by two people who have close knowledge of the club.

Still Dreaming follows on from 1996’s book Dream On – “A Football Classic” FourFourTwo.

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