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I'm a writer and editor who has worked for some of the biggest names in business, consumer and customer publishing and for membership and campaigning organisations. 


I've worked on some great projects, often from launch, and I've really enjoyed building teams, taking on new challenges and dealing with the people who are essential to the success of any enterprise. I'm a confident public speaker, and comfortable operating in meetings and group events.  

I began working in the trade when I finished a degree in social sciences at the Polytechnic of Central London, taking a job at the Time Out Group as a writer and sub-editor on consumer guides. I went on to work as a layout sub and writer in the business press until landing a job on the subs' desk of Take a Break magazine in its heyday, when readership reached over two million a week.


Over the next few years I worked on some of the biggest-selling consumer titles in the UK, and was Deputy Chief Sub on the team that launched Heat magazine. I spent a month based in Rotterdam working as a writer and editor on UEFA's official website covering the Euro 2000 international football tournament, helping the site to become the first to rack up over one billion hits.


I was Chief Sub on a number of consumer and customer publishing titles until taking on a role in project development for H Bauer, where I worked until setting up a freelance business. I taught journalism at a number of colleges, worked for charities, trade unions and consultancies and wrote regularly about finance, the media, culture and technology for a number of publications and websites.


I returned to staff employment when I was approached to become Group Chief Sub at a startup content agency, Progressive, and worked there as the agency grew to employ around 100 staff, before moving to Sunday. After that I spent a year setting up a global news and content operation for online share-trading company 

I've written and worked on 16 books, including two award-winning official publications for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and the official history of the National Union of Teachers. My written work has appeared regularly in the national press and specialist websites and I'm a regular guest on a number of football podcasts.


I was co-chair of the Supporters' Trust at Tottenham Hotspur FC, a formally-constituted voluntary organisation representing fans at club and national level, foe eight years. The role involved dealing with senior figures in the game and a significant amount of casework. 


"Martin wrote the early morning stock exchange roundup for AOL Money before 8am every weekday. He also wrote in-depth articles on sports finance, media and advertising, tax, government policy and financial exclusions issues. He was one of our most respected writers, drawing significant reader engagement."

Chris Wheal, colleague at AOL and manager at

"A true team player with a good sense of fun which never got in the way of his meeting a deadline. Ready to tackle anything and never short of an original idea."

Wendy Reed, colleague at Bauer

"Martin’s was the first name that cropped up when my company were looking for an editorial consultant on an 850-page history of Tottenham Hotspur FC. His combination of editorial skills and vast experience and knowledge of the subject – and of football in general – made him an invaluable asset to the team."

Rob Clark, colleague at Opus

"Martin is a passionate and articulate professional. He is highly adaptable and meets challenge with vigour and persistence. A very valuable individual to both colleagues and students. A pleasure to work with."

Christine Robertson, colleague at LCC

"Martin  is a can-do professional. He is thoughtful, contributes more than he takes out and works to deadlines without flapping. I have known his work for 20 years during which he has never let me down."

Phil Katz, colleague at the NUT


"Martin's qualities? Wit, speed and effortless reshaping of copy. He's a joy to work with: you know he will see a project through to the end

without any fuss." 

Karen Buchanan, colleague at John Brown Publishing

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