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One Step from Glory

(Pitch Publishing 2019)

With the tale of Tottenham Hotspur's extraordinary run to the 2019 Champions League Final in Madrid at its heart, One Step from Glory examines manager Mauricio Pochettino’s time at the club. I teamed up with football guru Alex Fynn to examine how Spurs confounded all predictions to enjoy their most successful ever CL campaign - and what it meant for the future. Using match reports from national newspapers to provide the narrative thread, we drew on our backgrounds in football to explain why this campaign so fired the imagination - in a season with no signings, played mostly without a home stadium. With a rich cast of characters and locations ranging from Eindhoven to Madrid via Barcelona and Dortmund - and one emotional night in Amsterdam - One Step from Glory tells the story of a football odyssey.


“Authentic, bringing out the way supporters became intoxicated on a heady mixture of excitement and disbelief as the run progressed”. Tottenham on my Mind blog


“This book is a ship in a bottle, a fly trapped in amber, a collection of memories. It’s a means of reliving, even for a moment, that feeling you had when the third Lucas Moura goal went in the back of the net in Amsterdam, or the resigned frustration that fell like a wave after just 26 seconds in Madrid."

Cartilage Free Captain blog

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